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We rescue and adopt Chameleons

We understand that sometimes you are not able to take care of your pet, life situations can change drastically. We don't only take care of our baby chameleons when they are with us but for a life time. If you ever need  someone to take care of your chameleon, please let us know and we will be more than happy to adopt them. We are also very familiar with chameleon sicknesses and have rescued chameleons in the past. If you see or hear about a sick chameleons or have one that you can't afford to take to the vet, we will do our best to nurture them and take them to a vet if needed.    

 We consider ourselves very lucky to be able to work with some wonder vets who have taught us a lot of procedures and techniques to make sure our chameleons are always well taken care of and healthy. This is a great opportunity for both our animals and animals that we rescue. Many of these have MBD, infections, parasites and extreme dehydration which are the most common. We are able to deworm them, treat them with antibiotics, give fluids and calcium injections and treat them from other minor issues. If something serious comes up, we always have these vets to take good care of them.


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