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"Need a Vacation? Going out of town but you're not sure who will feed your critter(s) while you are gone?   For any reptile, taking them with you on vacation is not a good idea. Moving, having a new environment, etc., is extremely stressful to reptiles. It often leads to food refusal, higher than normal aggression, and/or complete withdrawal of your animal. This is especially true if you are going a long way away; the longer the trip, the more stressful on your reptile.

Our Manager Cassie at Chameleons Galore is available to not only watch your chameleons but she's experienced with many different reptiles. She have the knowledge to properly care for your beloved pet while you are away.  She will house your reptile in his/her own habitat (which you will need to supply of course) She will feed, water, and love them daily.  She can also email photos of your pet(s) every 3 days  if you wish, because I know you'll miss them!

She offers Daily, Weekly and Monthly Plans.  Rates vary based on species and amount of care that is required but will most likely range between $8 and $15 per day.  She accept most reptiles and amphibians. NO INVERTEBRATES (spiders, scorpions, etc.)
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