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Chameleons Galore Sales Agreement


1. The chameleon purchased is sold in good health.  The purchaser agrees to notify Chameleons Galore IMMEDIATELY if a problem should occur within 48 hours.


2.  We have a 24hr return policy as long as the chameleon is healthy.


3. 2 week guarantee when purchased with a Setup Kit
We offer a 2 week guarantee on any chameleon when purchased with our setup kit. The setup is designed to reduce common health problems, help make caring for your chameleon easier, and ensure proper hydration and humidity. As long as you raise your chameleon in the kit, you are covered. Protect yourself by eliminating the risks and purchase a setup. If the chameleon dies within 2 weeks from purchase with our setup, the chameleon will be replaced with a chameleon of equal value. If no chameleon is available of equal value, a credit will be issued for a baby from an upcoming batch.  This guarantee is void if the care sheet provided is not followed.  There will NO refund of the setup. 

4.  Deposits and Pre-Orders
Deposits and payments received from pre-orders are non-refundable. The balance must be paid in full on the previously agreed upon shipment date or any day prior to that.  Baby MUST be picked up within 2 weeks from his/her available go-home date.

5. Shipping
We offer a live arrival guarantee on all our chameleons. Our number one priority is the well-being of our chameleons. We use the BEST professional shipping materials from Reptile Express exclusively. When done properly, the chameleon goes through very little, if any stress at all. We will coordinate a safe date for shipping with you taking weather into consideration. The only requirement is that you must be home to sign for the package on FedEx’s first delivery attempt. We will NOT ship in dead of winter when temperatures are below zero degrees Celsius, there is NO guarantee on shipping in the winter as temperatures/weather can change drastically and are unpredictable which we can’t control.

6. Notifying us of DOA
In the event that the chameleon arrives dead on arrival (DOA), you are required to contact us IMMEDIATELY. You must also provide photos as well.

7. Replacements and Refunds
DOAs will be replaced with a chameleon of equal value. If no chameleon is available of equal value a credit will be issued for a baby from an upcoming batch.  Please understand that we are NOT responsible for any of the shipping charges, there will be NO refund on shipping. Refunds are void if delivery is not accepted on the first attempt by the delivery driver.

8.Disclaimer                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             This Agreement is legally binding by all parties involved in the transaction. There are no other conditions, guarantees or warranties either expressed or implied unless written above.                I/We are NOT relying on verbal statements not contained herein .  

9. I/We have read this agreement, understand fully the contents thereof, agree to its terms and conditions and acknowledge receipt of the same.



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