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                 CHAMELEON     BREEDER CANADA


Chameleons Galore is a Canadian chameleon breeding company  

where we breed top of the line chameleons.  

It all started with a beautiful male veiled chameleon named

Grinch. I found our first chameleon in our backyard and not

knowing what he was we decided to adopt him. After finding

out that he was a chameleon, I was able to do some research

and found these reptiles fascinating. After a few months we

decided to buy my first female chameleon named Minnie, and

that’s where my journey began. We never imagined getting into

something so unique and interesting but I believe that it was all

meant to be and now it's a passion of mine.

Each chameleon is very different and unique in its own special way,

one of the reasons why I enjoy breeding them so much.

These creatures really amaze me especially when you really get to

know them well. We have been attending many reptile shows here in

Alberta, as well as dealing with pet stores and internet based

customers. We take pride in what we do and we're very dedicated to our

chameleons. When you purchase a baby chameleon, it will

come with a care sheet as well as a completely set up mesh cage, if

interested. The cages are a wonderful idea especially if this is

the first time you are purchasing a chameleon. Its important to

have the proper environment for the happiness and the health

of these creatures. With a purchase of the set up, we offer a two

week guarantee on the baby in the event of a fatality for a replacement

 of  a new chameleon. We will answer any question at the time or in

the future. It's very important to us that the chameleons

go to a good and safe home and are taken care of properly.

We ship chameleons and fully set up cages  all over Canada. The

customers convenience is important to us as well as providing our

chameleons with the proper environment. Thank you for looking at my



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