Translucent veiled chameleons Translucent veiled chameleons Jewel One of our low trans females, daughter of Leo. 186497843 Leo Here he is at a year and a half old. His colours are even more vibrant than when I got him. He is our super translucent breeder 167171479 Scarlett Our beautiful Super trans female. I had no idea the females can get so colourful. She's gorgeous 186497948 Mia This is our amazing little girl Mia daughter of Scarlett. She is one of our babies from Scarlett and Grinch. We kept her to be our future breeder. We are very excited to be working with super trans this year, will be collecting the finest bloodlines and creating only the best. 196593100 Marcus This is Mia's brother and son to Scarlett. We kept him as well and will be getting unrelated bloodlines for both. They have very tame personality, will be coming to shows and presentation this year. 196593102 Gus This is our super friendly trans veiled Gus. He comes to all the birthday parties, presentations and reptile shows with us. Beautiful blues and a very large casque. Lots of his babies will be available soon. 196593008