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We offer different types of feeders to our customers when they pick up their chameleon. Please review the variety and let us know a week in advance what you would like to order. Thank you

Silk worms

According to many, Silkworms are naturally the healthiest insect you can get to feed your pet. You just can't beat the low-fat content & nutritional value of a silk worm. Silkworms are a high source of Calcium, Protein, Iron, Magnesium, Sodium, and Vitamins B1, B2, and B3. Silk worms only eat mulberry leaves, and they eat 24/7. They can stay alive without food for about 3/4 days. If you are planning to get a large amount and keep them for a week or two, you will need to purchase a block of mulberry food. Also, one large silk worm is worth 15 crickets, and they carry alot of moisture which hudrates your reptile. They eat lots and grow fast,they are definetly my favorite as far as feeding my chameleons.

Silkworm 43 0.5 0.6 54
Mealworm 60 0.1 1.2 37
Waxworm 73 0.1 0.9 27
Butterworm 73 Highest 0.9 27
Cricket 44 0.2 2.6 50


  1. Silkworms look and taste better to most animals than many other types of feeders.
  2. Easier: They cannot jump, escape or hide, unlike many other insects. They are slow moving and easier for your animals to catch.
  3. Soft Bodied: They are easier for your animals to swallow and digest.
  4. Silkworms cannot bite or harm your animals because they have no sharp jaws or legs.
  5. Size and Value: Mature silkworms can grow up to 10 times the weight of a cricket. At one popular nationwide pet store, small crickets currently sell for 9 cents each. Check our Product Page and you'll see that for the same amount of meat, our silkworms sell for substantially less.
  6. Variety: Animals need variety in their diet to remain healthy.
  7. Silkworms often cause a feeding response from picky eaters or animals on a hunger strike.
  8. Ease of care: Silkworms require no special containers or any water.
  9. No annoying sounds or odors.
  10. Mortality Rate: Crickets die off quickly; Silkworms are much more hearty and will live substantially longer.


Small 30 cents each (1/2 inch)

Medium 40 cents each (1 inch)

Large 50 cents each (1.5-2 inches)

Mulberry cooked food 32oz $

 Minimum order of 25 silk worms


Horn worm
Horn worms are also very good feeder and they grow very big so they are fantastic for larger reptiles. They are extremely healthy just like the silk worms. They are high in calcium, low in fat, have no chitin or exoskeleton so your animal will not have troubles digesting them. The are also 85% moisture so great for reptiles that are dehydrated but should not be fed more than 3 times a week. With food, these will last a week or a week and a half. You can also keep them in the fridge which is great. One horn worm is worth 15 crickets, now thats a serious meal.
           Calcium - 46.4mg/100g
           Fat - 3.07%
Medium $1.00 each (1 inch) 
Large $1.10 each (2 inches)
Jumbo $1.25 each (3 inches)
Bag of food- $5

Butter worms





The best benefit from feeding butterworms to your pets is that while storing them they do not require any food. By keeping them cold and dry the metabolism of the butterworms slows down. This means the butterworms use up very little of their reserves, providing them with a long shelf life. The colour and smell are both attractants for all kinds of animals. This makes butterworms great for stubborn or picky eaters.

In addition to their colour and smell, butterworms have at least twice as much calcium as any other feeder insect (measuring calcium as a percentage of body mass). This is a great asset to your pets, especially to growing young and pregnant females.


Mixed  sizes 30 cents each


Superworms are fairly nutritionally complete but still require adjustment. One way to help improve this is to feed the insects high quality foods prior to feeding the insects to your pet. This process is called gutloading. Gutloading should take place for 24-48 hours prior to when you intend to feed the insects to your pet.I like to put pieces of carrots and potatoes with the superworms and also dust them with calcium or vitamins when necessary. They are great because they can be kept at room temperature and live up to 3 months.


Large    $6/100 tub

 Wax worms

Waxworms are a great treat item for your pet and Chameleons LOVE them but can lead to addiction if fed to often. Add a few of them here and there to keep your animals appetite stimulated, but be sure to continue regularly with your staple feeder items. No pet should be fed a diet consisting of only one type of feeder insects.Other then the high fat content, waxworms are very nutritionally complete. Waxworms cannot be gutloaded but should still be dusted with calcium and vitamins. These are a great little treat and you can use them especially when your reptile stops eating which is quite common.                            



Meal worms

Mealworms are fairly nutritionally complete but still require adjustment. One way to help improve this is to feed the insects high quality foods prior to feeding the insects to your pet. This process is called gutloading. Gutloading should take place for 24-48 hours prior to when you intend to feed the insects to your pet. You can gutload the worms with different veggies as well as dust them with calcium and vitamins when necesarry.Mealworms can live a variable amount of time especially when kept cold. Keeping mealworms in the refrigerator will make them last indefinitely. Keeping mealworms at room temperature will provide you with 4-6 weeks approximately before having some pupate and turn to beetles. cereals, such as oatmeal, wheat bran, and 12 grain cereal. These can be offered to baby chameleons after the age of 3 months along with crickets and wax worms.



Crickets can live a variable amount of time depending on what size they were when purchased. They are common and great insect to gutload and dust with calcium and vitamin when necessary. These are also best for little baby chameleon to eat because of their small size and also because they enjoy hunting them and exercising them tongue. These should only be offered to baby chameleons under the age of 3 months before they can start eating meal and wax worms.

All sizes $4/50  $7/100  $12/250  $18/500  $25/1000

Pheonix worms

Pheonix worms are very healthy and alot of reptiles love them. They are small in size so great for babies as well. They are also very high in calcium.

Small and medium 50/$6








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